Coronary sport

Sport for patients with heart and circulation conditions

Many patients ask themselves whether they can take part in sport following a heart attack, a surgical procedure on the heart (such as an implantation of a defibrillator or pacemaker) or generally following coronary heart disease. The answer to this question is not "Yes, you can", but "Yes, you should!".
It goes without saying that competitive sports must be avoided at all times, because the stress of competitive athletes even in training exceeds limits which could have dangerous implications for heart patients (compounded by the stress of competition, which also has a negative effect on the heart). Endurance sports, which have a positive influence on the physical constitution of a healthy person, are also not the optimum choice for heart patients.
The sporting activity of heart patients must be matched as closely as possible to the condition of the heart circulation system of the individual patient. The duration and intensity of the training must be carefully controlled so as to improve the function of the cardiovascular system on the one hand, but at the same time never leads to over-exertion during exercise.

Coronary sport at the HPK

"Coronary sport", which can also be referred to as blood-pressure sport, and which improves the performance of the heart circulation system by improving the circulation of the coronary vessels, provides the right answer.
For this reason, we at the HPK offer our patients the possibility of taking part in coronary sports under the direction of a specially trained exercise counsellor.
During the training of our coronary sports group, a doctor is also present at all times, who monitors the participants during the entire session and checks both their pulse and blood pressure (a defibrillator is of course also available for emergencies).
With our coronary sports group, we want to strengthen not only the performance of the cardiovascular system and the general physical performance capability of our patients, but also to offer a meeting place for heart patients. The common sporting activity provides a relief from stressful everyday life and at the same time makes it possible to exchange ideas with other people affected by coronary heart disease.

When and where?

The coronary sports group of the HPK meets every Tuesday on the 2nd floor of our private clinic.
The training session begins at 17:00 and ends at 18:15.
Towels, trainers and sports clothing must be brought along to the training session.
Participation in our training group is supported by private health insurance companies, the requirement is an existing cardiovascular disease and a corresponding medical prescription.
Further information can be obtained from the doctors of the HPK (if you are not yet a patient of the HPK, please talk to your general practitioner about this service).