Thoracic X-ray

What is a thoracic X-ray?

A thoracic X-ray is a basic examination carried out in the event of cardiac diseases. This non-invasive imaging procedure provides a picture of the thoracic organs, i.e. the heart, the major vessels, the lungs and the respiratory tract.

In addition to the size and shape of the heart, this examination method also allows the doctor to assess any possible calcifications, effusions in the pericardium or aneurisms of the vessel walls. The doctor is also able to examine the lungs for inflammations (pneumonia), tumourous metastases, adhesions, injuries, ventilatory disorders or effusions.


The patient stands, stripped to the waist, between the equipment containing the X-ray tubes and the X-ray film. The patient must not move while the picture is being taken, which only takes a few seconds.

The examination is carried out at our clinic on an out-patient basis.


A thoracic X-ray takes a few minutes.


The radiation exposure of the patient is low.


Necklaces and other jewellery must be removed before the examination.